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Dice Bonanza

Dice Bonanza is an enthralling casino game provided by Bgaming that captivates players with its innovative gameplay and immersive graphics. Playable at Lucky Tiger Casino, Dice Bonanza offers players a thrilling rollercoaster of fun and excitement, topped off with rewarding bonus features. This review will delve into the graphics and gameplay, bet sizes, paytable wins, and bonus features that make Dice Bonanza worth playing.

Graphics & Gameplay

Dice Bonanza, a product of Bgaming, presents an eclectic blend of beautiful graphics and smooth gameplay. The design of the game is clean and polished, with dice icons that are realistically designed to mirror the tangible feel of a classic dice game.

The game's interface is not just aesthetically pleasing but also user-friendly, offering straightforward navigational controls that cater to both novices and experienced gamers. The rolling of the dice is executed with a superb animation that replicates the real-world feeling of suspense associated with dice games.

The background music adds an extra layer of excitement, keeping players hooked and entertained for hours. Coupled with high-definition graphics, the visual and auditory experience of Dice Bonanza closely rivals that of being in a real-life casino, right down at the roll of the dice.

Bet Sizes & Paytable Wins

Dice Bonanza from Bgaming is designed to accommodate players of all wallets and risk appetites. Bet sizes start as low as just $0.50, consistent with Bgaming's commitment to provide affordable entertainment to a wide audience. However, high rollers are not left out either, as they can wager up to a maximum of $500 per roll, creating a potential for significant payouts.

The paytable is generous, with the lowest payout being 1x your bet for getting a sum of 3, and the highest payout providing a whopping 150x your bet for getting a sum of 17 or 18. This paytable structure keeps the game interesting and provides plenty of opportunities for big wins. Moreover, with every roll of the dice, the unpredictability adds to the excitement of the game.

Bonus Features

Dice Bonanza doesn’t just rest on its base game; Bgaming has introduced some eye-catching bonus features to yank players into an even more thrilling gameplay space.

The major bonus feature of this game is the Extra Roll. During any round of play, when you roll a double, that triggers the Extra Roll bonus. This feature allows the player to roll the dice once more, adding to the overall total and boosting potential winnings.

Another bonanza feature in our list is the 'Special Bet' option. It provides players with a chance to place side bets on either individual numbers or a range, further escalating the suspense and potential earnings of the game.

  • The Individual Number Bet permits players to predict that a specific number will appear on the next roll of dice. If the prediction is correct, they win a payout corresponding to the bet's odds.
  • The Range Bet allows players to wager on the sum of the next roll of dice falling within a certain range. This offers exciting odds and can earn players a considerable return.

Play Dice Bonanza at Lucky Tiger Casino now and see if the dice will roll in your favor. With its inviting graphics, thrilling gameplay, and appealing bonus features, it's definitely a casino game to be reckoned with.

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