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Responsible Gaming

Last updated: 20.01.2022

Please take the time to properly study this information for your own benefit.

Lucky Tiger Casino is operated by Alistair Solutions N.V.

Lucky Tiger Casino is fully committed to supporting a safe and responsible gaming environment. As per this Policy, we are committed to providing you with the best possible Services, whereas You are committed to using our Services properly and in accordance with this Responsible Gaming Policy.

Underage Gambling

You must be at least 18 years old to utilize our Service.

Keep Your login info safe from any kids in your vicinity to avoid misuse. We recommend a filter application to prevent minors, particularly children, from accessing any context on the internet that is harmful to them.

We recommend a list of internet filters for parents to help them protect their children from situations that are not appropriate for them:

Responsible Gambling and Self Exclusion

For the majority of our Users, gambling entails enjoyment, fun, and excitement. However, we are aware that gambling has negative consequences for some of our Users. Pathological gambling has been recognized as a significant illness in medical research for many years.

Since our first day, we've been thinking about this issue and doing our best to help. We define "Responsible Gaming" as a set of procedures that a gambling provider may do to assist in reducing the risk of negative side effects. We also aim to take active actions against the side effects if they have already appeared.

Knowledge and education on the risks of gambling are the most crucial tools for preventing negative side effects from gambling. We also encourage our users to exercise self-control in order to avoid negative consequences.


If You have been diagnosed with a gambling addiction or are trying to avoid gambling for any reason, we want to help You stay away from anything that is harmful to Your health. "Self-Exclusion" signifies that you have chosen to exclude yourself from all gaming services. For a limited period, this exclusion cannot be reversed. If you wish to self-exclude yourself from gambling, please message our Support via Live Chat or email [email protected] and give them a time span between 6 months and 5 years. They'll also explain all the next steps and what is needed from you.

Please keep in mind that Self Exclusion is permanent for the set time span and will not be reversed for your own safety.

You are not permitted to establish a new account during Self Exclusion, and any effort to do so is a violation of our Terms of Service and may result in the permanent suspension of your original account.

Contact Information

If you believe that your gambling behavior is starting to have a negative impact on your responsibilities and personal life, you can reach our Support via [email protected] at all times without any additional costs for you. Our Support will not share any information about You with anybody else without your permission.

If you already have a gambling addiction, you may take a self-test at:

Additional information regarding gambling addictions may be found at:

Responsible Gambling at Lucky Tiger Casino

Please consider the following hints before gambling in order to ensure that gambling remains fun for You and has no bad consequences:

  1. Before you begin gambling, consider how much You can afford to risk based on Your current financial situation. Then, play with amounts that are only for pleasure and entertainment.
  2. Try not to take too many chances in order to reclaim what you've already lost. Play for fun rather than to get money.
  3. Set a time limit for yourself and stick to it. Keep in mind that gambling should be balanced with your other interests.
  4. When You are anxious, sad, or under a lot of pressure, it's best not to play. Also, do not play if you are under the influence of Drugs, Alcohol, or Medications.
  5. If You notice that you are becoming fatigued or unable to focus, You should take a rest.
  6. It is strongly encouraged not to create more than one Account per Person in order to keep track of how much time and money You spend on gaming.