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Heroes Realm

Graphics & Gameplay

The Heroes Realm game, designed and published by Rival, is a thrilling online slot game themed around fearless knights and magical sorcerers. Its exceptional 3D graphics stand out, giving it an exhilarating edge over other casino games. The game boasts a medieval theme with stunning visual aesthetics - from castles to dragons and epic battles, perfectly blending fantasy and gaming pleasure.

The game interface is extremely interactive. Players will appreciate the user-friendly settings, which allow for a personalized gaming experience. The background animation adds depth to the gameplay, with engaging scenes of the heroes preparing for battle. The brilliant sound effects, coupled with the striking visual design, transport players into a mystical realm of heroes and villains.

Bet Sizes & Paytable Wins

Heroes Realm gameplay allows for a variety of bet sizes, accommodating all types of players. You can adjust your coin value from $0.01 to $10, meaning the maximum stake per spin is $20. This should meet the needs of both low-budget players and high rollers, allowing everyone to enjoy the thrill of the game.

The potential paytable wins are highly enticing. The game features single, double, and triple bars as symbols, each with a respective payout of 3, 10, and 20 coins for three matching symbols. If you're lucky enough to land three crossed weapon symbols, you're eligible for a 45-coin win. The payout jumps to 75 coins for three shield symbols, while three treasure chest symbols yield a win of 150 coins. The biggest potential win comes from the diamond-encrusted goblet, which offers a whopping 225 coins for three matching symbols.

Bonus Features

What gives the Heroes Realm game an extra appeal are its attractive bonus features. First is the epic Sword Fight feature. Whenever a player lands on two weapon symbols, a sword fight ensues between two heroes. Depending on who emerges victorious, the corresponding multiplier is applied to the player's stake.

Next, the Free Spins feature unlocks when you land three shield symbols. Depending on the number of shields, players can receive up to 50 free spins. During the free spins phase, all winnings are tripled, increasing your chances of a hefty payout.

A third vivid feature of this game is the Heroes’ Bonus Round. When summoned, the player is led to a new screen facing a scary skeleton army. You'll choose to play as either the male or female hero and battle the skeleton army, earning coins for each enemy defeated.

  • Dragons symbol: 3 matching symbols yield 1000 coins
  • Shield symbol: 3 matching symbols bring a payout of 600 coins
  • The Sword Fight bonus feature: Presents multipliers that can increase the total winnings significantly
  • The Heroes' Bonus Round: Defeat enemies to win extra coins.

To conclude, the Heroes Realm game is an exciting venture into a mystical world provided by Rival and available for play at the Lucky Tiger Casino. With its rich graphics, impressive winnings, and engaging bonus features, this game promises both entertainment and potential rewards. It's a delightful mix of fantasy, adventure, and potential returns making for a unique casino gaming experience.

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