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Joker Poker

All poker enthusiasts and casual players alike will find the Joker Poker game by Rival to be a thrilling and enjoyable experience. Available at Lucky Tiger Casino, this video poker game mingles the unpredictability of jokers with the strategic elements of poker to create a unique and adrenaline-pumping experience. Let's delve into the specifics of this game to give you a comprehensive view of what to expect when you play.

Graphics & Gameplay

The Joker Poker game by Rival presents a simplistic yet appealing aesthetic to players. With a traditional poker layout combined with vibrant colors that don't overwhelm the player's eyes, the graphics are visually pleasing. Rival, known for their high-quality game designs, ensure the clarity and sharpness of all images and text on screen for easy readability and aesthetically pleasing gameplay.

As for the gameplay, Joker Poker offers a smooth and seamless experience. The rules are straight-forward, similar to that of a regular game of poker but with an interesting twist — the jokers. Jokers in this game are wild, meaning they can be used as any card to form the winning hand. This adds an extra dimension of unpredictability and excitement to the game. Every round is a suspenseful revelation, keeping players on their toes and increasing the potential for big wins.

Bet Sizes & Paytable Wins

The betting range in the Joker Poker game is incredibly diverse, catering to players with differing financial capacities. From as low as just 1 credit, players can up their stake to a maximum line bet of 5, appealing to both small-scale bettors and high rollers.

As far as the paytable wins are concerned, they are quite favorable. A Natural Royal Flush, excluding instances where a joker is used, gets rewarded with a handsome payout of 4000 coins when betting with the maximum 5 credits. The game table displays all possible hands, starting from Kings or Better up to the Natural Royal Flush, showcasing the potentials for big wins.

Bonus Features

The unique selling point of Joker Poker by Rival is its addition of wild joker cards that greatly increase chances of winning. Not many video poker games include this feature, making Joker Poker a standout choice.

Furthermore, after every winning hand, players have the option to double their winnings through a gamble feature. The computer presents four cards face-down and one card face-up. Players must pick a card higher than the face-up card to double their winnings. However, be aware that an incorrect guess would mean losing your winnings from that round, so think carefully before you gamble!

To summarize, these are the defining features of the Joker Poker game:
  • Superb graphics and seamless gameplay
  • A wide betting range, suitable for all types of players
  • Exciting bonus features, like the wild joker cards and gamble feature
  • Big potential wins laid out in an easy-to-understand paytable

Overall, the Joker Poker game by Rival offers a unique video poker experience with its fun use of jokers and easy-to-understand gameplay. Available at Lucky Tiger Casino, it's a great addition to your online casino game lineup. Regardless of whether you're a beginner or a seasoned poker pro, Joker Poker is sure to provide an exhilarating and engaging gaming experience for all.

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