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Majestic Beasts

Graphics & Gameplay

Majestic Beasts by Woohoo manifests an enchanting world of beautiful mythical creatures and stuns with its graphics. The vibrant color schemes and realistic animations add more zest to the gaming experience. Woohoo has designed the game to perform smoothly on all types of devices, ensuring no lag or glitch interrupts your gameplay.

The game sets up an atmosphere of mystery and excitement through its specially curated soundtracks, further enhancing the visual aesthetics. Each spin of the slot wheels is marked by a harmonious blend of alluring tunes, and triumphant sounds accentuate the feeling of victory.

Majestic Beasts game progresses as a 5-reel slot with each spin offering possibilities of multiple combinations to win. The game is intuitive, and the whole interface is designed to be user friendly. Woohoo has made sure that both novices and seasoned players can enjoy this game to its full extent.

Bet Sizes & Paytable Wins

Woohoo understands well the varying preferences of players and has incorporated a broad betting range in the Majestic Beasts game. This game accommodates all levels of risk-takers, from conservative betters to high rollers. It's possible to nudge the stake amount from a few cents to several dollars per spin.

Great news for all players is that the Majestic Beasts slot game offers a generous payout structure. Along with the basic paytable payouts, the game also features special multiplier bonuses that can significantly increase your winnings. Thus, players have ample chances to bag hefty payouts with each rotation of the reels.

The payouts are based on matching combinations from left to right and include:

  • Regal lion and thunderous snakes unleash massive wins
  • Powerful bear and majestic eagle symbols also bring significant returns
  • The mystical elemental symbols offer more moderate rewards

Bonus Features

Woohoo offers robust bonus features in the Majestic Beasts to enhance player’s winning probabilities. The Wild symbol in the game can substitute for any other symbol, except for the Scatter, providing many opportunities to make winning combinations.

The Scatter symbol ushers in Free Spin Bonus mode when landed in group of three or more. This exciting feature presents players with a certain amount of free spins, greatly enhancing the chances to win without further betting. In addition, the game carries random multipliers within this mode, further amplifying the stakes.

Apart from these, the game also features a unique re-spin feature. The combination of all these bonuses makes the Majestic Beasts game an enticing option for casino game lovers.


In conclusion, the Majestic Beasts game powered by Woohoo tucked in the Lucky Tiger casino, with its innovative design, exciting gameplay, and lucrative rewards, promises a fantasy-filled gambling experience for enthusiasts worldwide. Woohoo's reputation for delivering quality casino games once again holds true with Majestic Beasts. Try it for yourself and you just might find it to be one of your new favorites.

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