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Miles Bellhouse And The Gears Of Time

Step into the exciting world of time travel with Miles Bellhouse and The Gears of Time, a thrilling casino game from Betsoft. Hosted by the prestigious Lucky Tiger Casino, the game offers a fantastic blend of aesthetically pleasing graphics, exhilarating gameplay, potential big wins and unique bonus features. This detailed review provides an unwrapped glance into this awesome slot game!

Graphics & Gameplay

Miles Bellhouse and The Gears of Time is a visually stunning game that transports you into a time-travel-themed setting. The graphics, presented in 3D, are remarkably vibrant and detailed. The animated characters are aesthetically pleasing, and the mechanized landscape complements the overall stimulating atmosphere of the game. Miles, the eccentric inventor, and his trustworthy robotic assistant navigate through time creating an engaging and dynamic gaming environment.

The game features a standard 5-reel, 5-row grid layout with a total of 5 paylines, providing plenty of betting options. A fascinating element of the gameplay is the random display of five positions on the grid during each spin, giving players a unique gaming experience every time they play. This choice element ties beautifully into the game's overall time-travel theme, maintaining consistency throughout every aspect of the game. Robust, smooth, and easy to navigate, the gameplay of Miles Bellhouse and The Gears of Time is truly immersive.

Bet Sizes & Paytable Wins

Betsoft's Miles Bellhouse and The Gears of Time is designed to cater to a wide range of players with its diverse betting options. Bets can range from as low as 0.05 coins up to a maximum of 5.00 coins, making it accessible to both casual gamblers and enthusiasts alike. While the base game may offer modest wins, the big rewards truly lie within the bonus features of the game.

A glance at the paytable reveals some of the following wins:

  • Landing five Miles Bellhouse symbols on a payline rewards 1000 coins
  • Filling the reels with nuclear clocks rewards 500 coins
  • Goggles, a staple tool of our time-traveling hero, award 400 coins for five on a payline
  • The trusty robot companion Gizmo offers 300 coins when he appears five times on a payline.

Coupled with the bonus features, these paytable wins create a tremendous winning potential, sure to thrill all kinds of players.

Bonus Features

Miles Bellhouse and The Gears of Time offers a unique array of bonus features adding extra layers of excitement. The Clusters of Time feature happens randomly during a base game where one to five positions are highlighted on each spin, and if a player successfully strikes a winning combination within this cluster, they activate one of the exciting bonus features. Furthermore, there is an option between three different free spins bonuses - the past, present and future.

The Past Free Spins rewards 12 free spins with replay possibilities, while the Present Free Spins offer multipliers up to 20x, and Future Free Spins promise a special symbol on every free spin. Each of these features adds an extra dimension to the game, ensuring players are constantly on their toes, ready for the next big win!

In conclusion, Miles Bellhouse and The Gears of Time by Betsoft, hosted at Lucky Tiger Casino, offers an impeccably designed and thoroughly enjoyable gaming experience filled with captivating graphics, engaging gameplay, diverse betting options and a plethora of rewarding bonus features, making it a must-try for all fans of online slot games.

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