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Mystic Elements

Graphics & Gameplay

Steeped in an inexplicable aura, animated by top-notch graphics, and set in a mystical universe, Mystic Elements fascinates every player with its otherworldly visuals. Woohoo has done an exceptional job in design, creating mesmerizing elemental symbols that glow, float, and shine against the backdrop of a cosmic sky.

Unique symbols represent the different elements, adding a magnificent touch to the gaming aura. Whether it's the magical burst of a flame, the fluid motion of water, the spinning of the earth, or the mysterious ether, every element on the reels is beautifully represented.

The soothing ambient music completes this mystic environment, making it an immersive gaming experience. Combined with a smooth and intuitive gameplay interface, Mystic Elements ensures you a game that’s not only visually appealing but also easy to navigate.

Bet Sizes & Paytable Wins

With Mystic Elements, players of all pocket sizes can join the fun, thanks to a wide variety of bet sizes. This game features a fixed payline structure where players can adjust their bet values from as low as $0.01 to as high as $10.

This vast betting range ensures that whether you are a high roller or a budget gamer, you have a chance to experience the mystic world and potentially achieve substantial wins. Talking about wins, the paytable offers attractive prizes for landing elemental symbols in combinations. The fiery symbol is the highest paying, followed by the water, earth, air, and ether symbols.

Bonus Features

Mystic Elements holds multiple exciting bonus features that can significantly boost your winning potential:

  • Wild Elements: The wild symbol in Mystic Elements can substitute for any other symbol except for the Scatter to create winning combinations.
  • Scatter Symbols: Land three or more Scatter symbols to trigger the Free Spins mode, promising increased win rates.
  • Mystery Multiplier: During the Free Spins mode, a random Mystery Multiplier is chosen, which can amplify your wins by up to 10x!
  • Elemental Bonus: This unique feature presents players with a bonus wheel, which spins to award free spins, multipliers, or cash prizes.

These bonus features add a thrilling dimension to the gameplay, making each spin an adventurous journey in itself.


Delving into a mystic, intriguing ambience, Mystic Elements by Woohoo is a must-try casino game for all enthusiasts. The game is sure to lure players with its enchanting graphics, intuitive gameplay, generous paytable, and lucrative bonus features. You can enjoy this game at Lucky Tiger casino, a place where mystical adventures meet fantastic gameplay.

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