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Pig Of Luck

Graphics & Gameplay

The graphics of the Pig Of Luck game are absolutely captivating. The game is designed around the theme of ‘wealth’, and right from the moment the game loads, players are met with vibrant and visually appealing graphical images of the adorable little pig (the main symbol of the game), and other chinese good luck symbols. These graphical images are not only eye-catching but also exude a sense of fun, drawing players into the game instantaneously.

The gameplay of Pig Of Luck is simple yet addictive. The game falls under the category of video slots and features 5 reels and 243 ways to win. The game interface is user-friendly, and even beginners can easily navigate through the different options. The game is adorned with soothing oriental music that enhances the gaming experience. Every hit and win is represented with amazing sound effects that are bound to keep the players at the edge of their seats.

Bet Sizes & Paytable Wins

This game from CQ9 is designed to cater to all sorts of players, irrespective of their budget. The bet sizes in Pig Of Luck range from a minimum of 50 coins to a maximum of 500 coins. This flexibility in bet sizes adapts to every player's budget and their risk-taking capacity.

The paytable win is quite interesting and rewarding. The pig symbol is the highest paying one, and players can win big if they manage to land it across the reels. Other symbols include lucky coins, golden toads, and golden sycees. The wins can go up to 16 times of the total bet, based on the combination and number of symbols.

Bonus Features

Pig Of Luck is full of exciting bonus features that add an extra layer of entertainment and winning possibilities. Here are some of the main bonus features:

  • Free Spins: This is the most loved feature by the players. Players can get up to 10 free spins when they land three or more Scatter symbols on any reel. During these free spins, the possibility of winning is even bigger as the middle reel becomes a Wild reel.
  • Wild Symbols: The pig represents the wild symbol and can substitute for all other symbols except the scatter symbol. When this happens, players can enjoy a boosted winning potential.
  • Autoplay: The autoplay feature allows players to spin the reels automatically for a selected number of times, providing comfort and ease to the players.

To sum it up, Pig Of Luck by CQ9 is a fun and engaging casino game that offers an exciting gaming experience to all its players. Whether it's about the graphics, gameplay, or bonus features, the game has a lot to offer. And the best part is that it's available at the user-friendly and popular online casino platform - Lucky Tiger Casino, where new players can also enjoy an appealing welcome bonus.

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