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Scratch Alpaca Bronze

Scratch Alpaca Bronze is an exceptional casino game developed by Bgaming that provides an adventurous and thrilling gaming experience to users around the globe. This online scratch card game, featured prominently at Lucky Tiger Casino, is famous for its fluid gameplay, attractive graphics, and exciting bonus features. Here is a detailed review of Scratch Alpaca Bronze game, which elevates online gaming to new heights.

Graphics & Gameplay

The first thing you will notice about Scratch Alpaca Bronze is its visually appealing and quirky graphics. The design features colourful and fun alpacas and exquisite background, ensuring that players stay captivated throughout their gameplay. Bgaming has indeed done a stellar job in terms of graphically designing a game that is not just eye-catchy, but also smooth and user-friendly.

The gameplay is straight forward and incredibly intuitive. Scratch Alpaca Bronze is designed to emulate the feel of traditional scratch-off tickets, but with an exciting virtual twist. Players are required to scratch off a silver panel to reveal the hidden alpacas. If three or more matching alpacas are discovered, the player wins. It's a simple, engaging, and exciting concept that keeps players coming back for more.

Bet Sizes & Paytable Wins

Scratch Alpaca Bronze is a game that caters to a wide variety of players, with bet sizes ranging from as low as $0.1 to as high as $50. This flexibility in bet sizes enables both conservative bettors and high rollers to enjoy the game according to their risk tolerance and budget.

The paytable offers numerous opportunities for wins. The maximum win is 10,000 times the bet size. This game features a return to player (RTP) percentage of approximately 94%, which is quite competitive in the online gaming industry. The higher the bet size, the greater are your chances of bagging hefty paytable wins in Scratch Alpaca Bronze.

Bonus Features

In addition to providing a unique and entertaining gameplay experience, Scratch Alpaca Bronze also offers several exciting bonus features. These add an additional layer of thrill and excitement to the game, multiplying the potential for impressive wins.

  • The wild Alpaca: This is an interesting twist in Scratch Alpaca Bronze. Revealing a wild alpaca grants the player a replacement for any other alpaca, thus increasing chances of a win.
  • Free Scratch Bonus: Players have the possibility to unlock free scratch cards by revealing special bonus alpacas, a feature that adds another fresh and exciting element to the game.

Overall, the bonus features in Scratch Alpaca Bronze greatly enhance the gameplay experience, giving players plenty more reasons to keep scratching off those panels!


Whether you're a novice or an experienced gamer, Scratch Alpaca Bronze, exclusively provided by Bgaming, and wonderfully delivered through Lucky Tiger Casino, assures an entertaining gaming experience. With its beautiful graphics, easy gameplay, varying bet sizes, and enticing bonus features, it is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat. Experience the thrill of this charming scratch card game and potentially rake in massive wins. Scratch Alpaca Bronze certainly set a high bar for the online scratch card gaming industry!

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