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Storm Lords

The rebooted version of this classic slot will bring you to new levels of joy! The top prizes are represented by the Normal, High and Super bets, which multiply the original wager by 1000x, 1680x and progressive jackpot, accordingly. To get the jackpot, you need to play the Super Bet and get 3 Card logos. The Card is a wild symbol, which substitutes all other symbols. Each Card in the line wins, multiplying the pay by 3x.

This 3 reels game has an outstanding HOLD feature, which is activated after the winning combination. You can choose to “hold” 1 or 2 reels, by clicking the button. When the button is activated, there is an opportunity to change the bet amount and set it higher than the original wager. After the amount is confirmed, the “Hold & Spin” game can be started. Once you get the winning combination, the payout will be higher than the one that activated the feature. If 3 Cards are won, then the HOLD button will be deactivated until the next round of the game.

Try out the new version of this classic slot game, which became one of the most popular in the gaming world! Exquisite layout and the progressive jackpot will keep you wanting to play more!

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