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Welcome to the incredible world of Taverna, a unique casino game from the esteemed game development company Urgent games that pulls you into a social environment filled with fun, excitement, and countless opportunities to increase your fortune. Playable at the popular online venue Lucky Tiger Casino, this review will take you through a detailed journey of Taverna's aesthetics, betting options, and special features.

Graphics & Gameplay

Anyone who has frequented Lucky Tiger Casino knows that this is an online gaming site that values top-quality aesthetics paired with flawless functionality. The Taverna game from Urgent games does not disappoint in this respect, offering a visually enthralling experience that completely immerses the player within a lively tavern setting.

The graphics are indisputably engaging, showcasing remarkably detailed illustrations that are both charming and evocative. Its 3D animated elements impart a fluid and realistic atmosphere that draws players into the experience, making them feel as though they're sitting right at a bustling tavern.

The gameplay is just as captivating. The interface is incredibly intuitive, and the mechanics of the game are straightforward and easy to understand. The moving graphics provide cues, and additional tips and instructions are available in-game, allowing both novice and experienced players to jump right into the action with ease.

Bet Sizes & Paytable Wins

Welcome to an arena that caters to all sorts of players - whether you are a low-risk, casual player or a high-roller in pursuit of massive payday. The Taverna game provides a flexible range of betting options, accommodating anyone's budget and playing style.

The game employs a clear and well-structured paytable that allows players to easily understand the potential wins for each bet size. Urgent games have meticulously planned and executed their paytable, offering a variety of win opportunities, ranging from modest payouts to huge jackpots that are sure to ignite the thrill in every player. They are as follows:

  • Low Bets: The game offers modest payouts for beginners or those who prefer cautious steps.
  • Medium Bets: These offer a greater risk but come with the excitement of substantial payoffs.
  • High Bets: For high-stakes players seeking big wins, these bets provide the chance to hit a considerable jackpot.

Bonus Features

Now, onto Taverna game's standout aspect that sets it apart from other casino games - its addictive bonus features. Developed by Urgent games, the bonuses at Taverna are thrilling, diverse, and can significantly increase a player's chances of securing a win.

These extra features keep you engaged and motivated to continue playing. Some of them include scatter symbols that trigger free spins, wild symbols that can substitute any other symbol to create a winning line, and multipliers that can dramatically multiply your winnings.

The true gem, though, is the Taverna's bonus game. Once triggered, it transports players to a new screen where they engage in a mini-game for extra prizes. The animation for this bonus game is highly interactive and serves to elevate the gameplay experience. In all, the bonus features in the Taverna game are a significant reason to give it a try at Lucky Tiger Casino.

In conclusion, Taverna, produced by Urgent Games and showcased brilliantly by Lucky Tiger Casino, offers a spectacular blend of excellent graphics, immersive gameplay, flexible bet size options, and impressive bonuses. It surely is a game of choice for both casino game novices and veterans alike.

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