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Thai Hilo

Graphics & Gameplay

Thai Hilo by CQ9 immerses players in an atmospheric setting with impeccable graphics and vibrant animations that set the stage for a thrilling gaming experience. The graphics beautifully encapsulate the Thai theme, with colorful symbols and thematic backgrounds, characterized by detailed renderings that bring the Thai culture to life.

As for the gameplay, Thai Hilo transports you to a whole new realm. As a blend of Hi-Lo and Poker, it delivers an exciting and engaging gaming experience. The simple yet intriguing game mechanics invite both seasoned players and novices alike, requiring players to predict the outcome of a three-dice roll. If the player's prediction aligns with the result, they win that round.

Bet Sizes & Paytable Wins

Thai Hilo by CQ9 offers a broad range of betting sizes, making it accessible to players of various preferences and bankroll sizes. Players can start their wagering journey with as little as $0.10, which can go up to a maximum limit of $500. This wide betting spectrum allows players the freedom to strategize their bets accordingly and cater their gameplay to their comfort zone.

When it comes to paytable wins, Thai Hilo doubles up the excitement. Rewards follow a payout grid that depends on the bet and the accuracy of the prediction. A correct forecast can bag you anything from a straight 1:1 payout for an easy bet to a whopping payout of 150:1 for a correct triple bet. The game's large paytable variety falls under the following categories:

  • Big - Small Bet
  • Odd - Even Bet
  • Triple Bet
  • Double Bet

Bonus Features

Thai Hilo also incorporates thrilling bonus features that add an extra layer of excitement and give players the opportunity to land significant wins. The primary bonus feature is the Superprize, which is activated when a player lands a drawn set of three dice, which all show the same specified number. A player encountering such a spin can win up to 31 times their stake, thereby boosting the gaming experience to a new high.

To ramp up the excitement further, there is the Thai Hilo jackpot feature that players can trigger at any point in the game. So, whether you are a high roller or a casual player, these bonus features give you a chance to score a big win.


Overall, Thai Hilo developed by CQ9 and available exclusively on Lucky Tiger Casino, offers a unique and exciting gaming experience that expertly combines cultural beauty, exciting bets, and great winning potential. Whether you are new to casino games or a seasoned player, Thai Hilo will undeniably deliver an unparalleled gaming experience.

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