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Card Clash

The Card Clash game, developed by the renowned gaming company Rival and hosted on Lucky Tiger Casino, is neatly wrapped in an exciting blend of strategies, suspense, and thrilling excitement. Here's a dive into what this power-packed casino game offers to its players.

Graphics & Gameplay

The Card Clash game, courtesy of Rival, stands out with its vibrant, sleek, and impressive graphics. The interactive and intuitive interface sets the tone right from the beginning. The colors, card animations, backdrop, and responsive buttons create an immersive casino atmosphere that keeps one hooked to their screens.

The gameplay in Card Clash is straightforward yet engaging. As every card game enthusiast would know, the objective is to compare the player's card against the dealer's. The one with the higher card wins. To make it more interesting, Rival has turned up the suspense factor a notch by incorporating a tie game scenario, adding an adventurous twist to the otherwise straightforward card game. You can also alternate between single and multi-hand game modes at your convenience, offering the flexibility to cater to your strategic approach.

Bet Sizes & Paytable Wins

When it comes to bet sizes in Card Clash by Rival, you will find a range to cater to both conservative bettors and aggressive high rollers. The minimum bet starts as low as $1 and can go up to $100 per hand, offering a broad scope for players with varying risk appetites to take their shot at this game.

The Paytable wins in this game are as enticing as they can get. For instance, if your card beats the dealer's, you double your bet. If both you and the dealer draw cards of the same value (a tie), you can either surrender or 'go to war'. Choosing to go to war will reward you with an extra bonus, with a double payoff if you win. This can potentially multiply your winnings and add an extra layer of excitement to the game.

Bonus Features

If you are a fan of bonuses, Rival's Card Clash doesn't disappoint.

  • War Bonus: This comes into play when you draw a card of the same value as the dealer's. You can choose to surrender (and lose half the bet) or go to war. Opting for war increases the bet size to double of the original, and if your next card beats or equals the dealer's, you win the doubled bet.
  • Multiplay Bonus: You also have the flexibility of playing multiple hands at once, potentially multiplying your winnings. This multi-hand game mode makes the game even more riveting and gives players a challenging and engaging playing experience.

To sum it up, with its appealing graphics, user-friendly interface, varied bet sizes, enticing paytable wins, and thrilling bonus features, the Card Clash game by Rival, hosted on Lucky Tiger casino, ensures a fun, exciting, and rewarding gaming session for players of all experience levels and risk appetites. Give it a shot – you might find yourself amidst an exciting war of cards before you know it!

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