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Saiyan Warriors Scratch Card

Boxing up excitement in a universally popular theme, Saiyan Warriors Scratch Card game from Dragon Gaming is a novel addition that will fascinate anime and casino enthusiasts alike. The game, hosted by the prestigious Lucky Tiger Casino, ushers in a new edge into the genre of scratch card games, giving fans a unique gambling experience.

Graphics & Gameplay

Not surprisingly, Dragon Gaming has outdone themselves in designing the Saiyan Warriors Scratch Card game. Sprinkling elements of popular manga culture, the graphics are served with futuristic vibes, featuring multiple superhuman Saiyan warriors. Each warrior character bears distinct attributes carrying unique bonuses that play out with animation during the game.

The large game card, set against a high-tech dashboard, is divided into sections or panels. Each panel reveals different Saiyan warrior characters and their corresponding odds. Much in line with the traditional scratch-off games, players need to scratch these panels to reveal the content. The graphical interface is smoothly interactive, promoting easy navigation and helping players immerse into the game reality.

Accompanied by an adrenaline-pumping background score, the gameplay is intuitively simple. It triggers the nostalgic vibe of classic scratch-off games. However, blending modern aesthetics and state-of-the-art technology, Dragon Gaming ensures this casino fixture is no less enticing than any top-tier video slot game. Furthermore, the seamless and responsive HTML5 coding of the game ensures an identical gaming experience across multiple platforms.

Bet Sizes & Paytable Wins

Saiyan Warriors Scratch Card game from Dragon Gaming caters to a wide range of budgets starting from $1 up to $100, making it an equally attractive choice for both the high rollers and the cautious players visiting Lucky Tiger Casino.

Players can identify the paytable wins directly from the game card. The multipliers for the matching symbols range from small numbers, like 1x and 2x multiplier for the lower value symbols, to a whopping 10000x multiplier for the highest value symbol. This simply translates into the fact that the players’ potential wins can scale up to 10000 times their bet size!

Bonus Features

  • Auto-Scratch and Fast Play: Dragon Gaming added these features to enrich the player interaction. With the auto-scratch feature, players can auto-reveal the symbols. Fast Play, on the other hand, speeds up the game to appeal more to those who thrive on the rapid pace of action.
  • Free Games: Saiyan Warriors Scratch Card game also offers the thrilling chance to trigger free game features. If the players hit the rare Free Game Symbol, they're repaid by an episode of exciting free games.
  • Jackpot: Last but not least, Dragon Gaming hinted at a tantalizing prospect of a progressive jackpot. However, it is the elusive rarity that keeps the players hooked and pumped for the unexpected.

In summary, Saiyan Warriors Scratch Card game is a befitting tribute to the iconic hype of Saiyan warriors and the fun of scratch card games. With high-end graphics, engaging gameplay, conducive betting range, and intriguing bonus features, Dragon Gaming delivers a promising product. So, gear up to experience the thrill of this dynamic game at the much-reputed Lucky Tiger Casino now.

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