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Dragon Ball Dozer

Graphics & Gameplay

The Dragon Ball Dozer game boasts rich graphics that immerse players in a vibrant, anime-inspired world. The graphics are bright and dynamic, appealing to a wide range of gamers who appreciate quality design in their casino experience. The animated characters bring this nostalgic anime to life and increase the overall entertainment value.

The game plan is an immersive 3D environment, involving knocking out coins to engage in a battle with the villain. The players feel a rush of nostalgia as well-known figures like Goku, Vegeta, and Frieza appear on the screen. In terms of gameplay, the Dragon Ball Dozer game incorporates a mix of aspects from classic coin dozer games and slot machines. Aiming to knock coins off the edge for rewards, players also get a chance to enter into 'boss battles' for higher payouts.

Bet Sizes & Paytable Wins

Dragon Ball Dozer appeals to a wide spectrum of gamers due to its flexible betting range. You can wager from as low as $0.02 to a maximum of $500. Whether you are a cautious gambler or a high-roller, you are guaranteed to find something that suits you.

The paytable of the game, representing wins, revolves around various characters from the legendary series. Each character carries a specific value, offering up to 5x multiplier on your initial stake. The legendary character Goku, being the highest paying symbol, gets you a whopping 500x your bet upon making a successful combination.

Bonus Features

The Dragon Ball Dozer game, apart from its standard gameplay, also has some engaging bonus features packed in. When you hit two or more stars, you trigger the bonus feature. This gives you a chance to engage in a lucrative battle with one of the villains from the series.

Here are a few aspects of the bonus features:

  • Landing on Dragon Balls triggers a super bonus round. This round offers you a chance to double your winnings, making it an attractive aspect of the game.
  • A special Attack Bonus can be initiated during a boss fight. Initiating an attack can push the boss off the platform, leading to colossal rewards.
  • The game also features an Energy Ball feature, where energy balls are launched to push off more coins and yield higher payouts.

With a high variety of bonus features, every spin brings pretty good chances of landing into something special, making your gaming session a mix of anticipation, excitement, and satisfaction.

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